About Me

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Mount Holyoke College, BFA

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts

       Twenty years teaching experience 

            I enjoy teaching others how to play the piano. Through teaching, I have explored other musical styles such as pop and rock. I feel that I can use any type of music that interests the student as learning material. That way I can custom tailor lessons specifically to each student.


My Story

           At a very young age I took an interest in learning to play piano.  Up until age ten, I had been learning to play and read music on my own.  I then started piano lessons and quickly advanced on to classical music.  I attended college for music composition and performance.  I had the honor to perform in solo recitals and also with orchestras.  

         My main focus has always been teaching, however.  I really enjoy providing "something different" from the standard repertoire that appears in regular method books.  Through the combination of YouTube and this website, I am able to provide that "something different" for a much larger audience.


"Our family has been taking lessons with Veronica for seven years!  We have four kids and so initially, she was coming to our home for the first several years (which is super convenient!) but over the past two years, we switched to on-line lessons and there are a lot of wonderful advantages to that too ( like you can do your lessons in your jammies or not feel the need to pick up the house!  On top of that, if our schedule is a little erratic and we need to make changes to the schedule, it's not as big of a deal).    At first, we were a bit unsure of how the on-line lessons would go, but Veronica has things easily set up with a few different camera angles so you can watch her face or her piano keys and she is able to take snap-shots of your music lesson book pages.  We just set up our ipad on top of the piano and it's easy!  She has a good ear and can hear if we're not playing the right notes on our end.

  As far as her style, I cannot say enough about how kid-friendly she is.  My youngest started at age four, when he was a pre-reader, and he was so eager to be like his big brother and sisters.  Our older kids started around age seven and voluntarily want to continue with lessons every week.  She has the ability to take them from the simplest of music to the most complex.  Her style is relaxed and friendly and we never feel worried or scared if we haven't practiced or perfected a piece.  She just meets you where you're at and helps break things down into easy chunks.   She also has quite a repertoire of music that kids love! 

  Veronica has a multitude of talents.  When one of my daughters decided she would rather play the flute instead of the piano, Veronica was able to seamlessly transition to flute lessons.  She's great with instructing adults too, as I decided to start taking lessons myself, as a 40-something year old mom, and it's been great!

  If you are considering taking in-person or on-line lessons with Veronica, I would wholeheartedly endorse her.  I owe her a lot of credit for keeping my kids interested and engaged in wanting to continue with music lessons for more than seven years."  - Jenny

About Online Lessons: LIVE & one-on-one

LIVE online lessons on Zoom

Online piano lessons are the ideal solution for students who have busy schedules, travel frequently, or simply cannot find the right piano teacher in their local area. You can take advantage of taking lessons with me no matter where you live. You can take piano lessons in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about tidying up for your piano teacher’s visits. You can even keep your piano lessons up during your trips away from home - all you need is access to a piano or keyboard and a laptop or tablet with an internet connection.

Having piano lessons online is not much different from having piano lessons in person. I can hear and see you play just as I would in person; I can demonstrate for you, offer advice, explanations, and instruction just the same as I would in person.

I am now able to expand my teaching capability and location limitations by offering piano lessons remotely.  Lessons via Zoom can be every bit as fun and productive without the extra expense associated with travel.  This means that I can offer piano lessons at a lower rate than in person lessons.

$21/one lesson $78/four lessons

You can choose to pay for one lesson at a time for $21, or you can choose to purchase a package of lessons for a discount price. Please visit the lesson payment page for a full view of all payment options.


What is great about online lessons with me is that you never have to pay for a lesson that you don’t take. There is no monthly base fee and no cost to you for canceled lessons due to sickness or vacation. You can choose how often you take lessons.

FREE: meet and greet on Zoom

Let's meet each other and see if I may be the right piano teacher for you!  

I also create supplementary material and videos for students to use for practice, extra help, and fun.  I publish them on my youtube channel: VeronicaPiano88 

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* 1st FREE trial lesson

* 4 lesson for $60 (one time only for new students)

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