Bachelor's Degree in music from

Mount Holyoke College

       Twenty years teaching experience 

       Thirty-four years playing experience

            I enjoy teaching others how to play the piano. Through teaching, I have explored other musical styles such as jazz and pop. I encourage students to try many different styles to help broaden their appreciation and to make music fun. Music has directed my life in a very positive way, and I hope to inspire others.


My Story

           At a very young age I took an interest in learning to play piano.  Up until age ten, I had been learning to play and read music on my own.  I then started piano lessons and quickly advanced on to classical music.  I attended college for music composition and performance.  I had the honor to perform in solo recitals and also with orchestras.  

         My main focus has always been teaching, however.  I really enjoy providing "something different" from the standard repertoire that appears in regular method books.  Through the combination of YouTube and this website, I am able to provide that "something different" for a much larger audience.


About Skype Lessons

Skype piano lessons are the ideal solution for students who have busy schedules, travel frequently, or simply cannot find the right piano teacher in their local area.

Through Skype piano lessons you can take advantage of taking lessons with me no matter where you live. You can take Skype piano lessons in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about tidying up for your piano teacher’s visits. You can even keep your Skype piano lessons up during your trips away from home - all you need is access to a piano, your: laptop, tablet, or iPhone --with a built-in camera and an internet connection.

Having piano lessons via Skype is not much different from having piano lessons in person. I can hear and see you play just as I would in person; I can demonstrate for you, offer advice, explanations, and instruction just the same as I would in person.
If there is any difference at all with Skype piano lessons, it’s that they are more efficient. 

One-on-One online lessons via Skype

I am now able to expand my teaching capability and location limitations by offering piano lessons remotely.  Lessons via Skype can be every bit as fun and productive without the extra expense associated with travel.  This means that I can offer piano lessons at a lower rate than in person lessons.

Skype is a free video-conferencing app/site that allows us to converse and see each other in live time.  All you need is a laptop, tablet/iPad, or iPhone --with internet capability.  

Signing up with Skype is easy and free.  We can also set up a free first Skype call/meeting to make sure it works well.

You can record your Skype sessions for free, integrate with outlook, create alerts, use whiteboards, tutoring tools (just click on ‘Conversation’ then ‘Extras)’. There’s literally dozens of tools that allow do anything from customize to the sharing of files and resources.  

Since I am working toward moving my business to online (eliminating the need to travel), I will have more free time to post video projects on my youtube channel: VeronicaPiano88.

Here, I have been making video tutorials for piano pieces.  For all of my Skype students, I will also make special videos so that they can practice at any time with help from me.  Also, we will have more freedom with selecting lesson times.  We can even easily change times week to week.  And you are under no commitment to have to have a lesson every week.  Basically, you just pay for the lesson before your lesson starts (or pre-purchase up to four hours to use at any time you like)


 I will be continuing my tradition of holding piano recitals for my students (and myself).  In the past, this has been an extra expense for both myself and to all the families involved.  For the first time, this spring, I will be making videos of my students playing.  I will edit all those clips into one larger video recital to air on a certain date and time on my youtube channel (so that you can enjoy the recital virtually along with everyone else).  This is a nice way to encourage some students to perform (many students who take lessons often will not play in a recital).  However, without the pressure of a live crowd and only “one shot to get it right”, students may feel more relaxed and willing to participate if they know we can record it as many times as they want until they are happy with the results.


If you pay for one lesson at a time

30 min. $21

45 min $31

60 min $41


If you buy a package of FOUR lessons, you can use them at any time (ex. twice in the same week, or skipping any weeks you’d like).

Lesson packages of FOUR lessons

30 min $78

45 min $118

60 min $154



Do you want to take lessons but cannot commit to a certain day/time weekly?

Don’t want to pay for lessons that you miss?

Don’t want to have to commit to a contract? (many music stores and music schools require a semester-long or a year-long commitment)

My Skype lessons are PAY-AS-YOU-GO.  You can purchase a half hour of lesson time as frequent or infrequent as you like.  You can pre-purchase up to 8 hours of lesson time to use whenever it fits your schedule (and mine, of course)

All ages and ability levels welcome.


FREE: meet and greet on skype.  Let's meet each other and see if I may be the right piano teacher for you!

Online: anywhere.  You just need: a device with Skype on it (iPhone, tablet, laptop) and an internet connection.  My studio is equipped with two cameras so that you can see me and also a full view of my piano.

Lesson prices are very reasonable and may be far less than music stores and especially music schools/conservatories.  

I also create supplementary material and videos for students to use for practice, extra help, and fun.  I publish them on my youtube channel: VeronicaPiano88